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ISBN 10: 153513223X
ISBN 13: 9781535132237

26 Jul 2016
MR Jared Christian Hicks
Download Consider Shakespeare by MR Jared Christian Hicks

ISBN 10: 1171261160
ISBN 13: 9781171261162

13 Dec 2010
Download The Twelve Pagan Principles, or Opinions, for Which Thomas Hicks Hath Published the Quaker to Be No Christian Seriously Considered, and Presented to Mr. N.L. Citizen of London by W.L. (1674) by N L

ISBN 10: 1234386828
ISBN 13: 9781234386825

22 Jan 2013
United States Government
Download The Rights of the Christian Church Adjusted; Being the Extract and Judgment of Mr. Le Clerc Upon Those Authors Who Have Written Against ... the Rights of the Christian Church Asserted, &C. Viz. Dr. Hickes, Dr. Turner, Mr. Wotton [And by United States Government