Missouri Assessment Program Test Prep : 8th Grade Math Practice Workbook and Full-length Online Assessments: MAP Study Guide

Missouri Assessment Program Test Prep : 8th Grade Math Practice Workbook and Full-length Online Assessments: MAP Study Guide


This MAP practice workbook is carefully designed to help your student succeed on the 2020 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test.

Lumos tedBook for Grade 8 Math MAP practice offers online access to two realistic practice tests that mirror the Missouri Assessment Program blueprints as well as a comprehensive review of 8th grade Math standards. It provides an efficient pathway for 8th graders to succeed on the 2020 MAP Math test.

Lumos Learning programs are trusted by over 330,000 students, 49,000 teachers & 23,500 schools to improve student achievement on state assessments.

Grade 8 Math MAP Test Prep tedBook's Benefits for Students;Two full-length online practice tests that mimic the 8th grade MAP math assessmentPractice MAP tech-enhanced item (TEI) typesPersonalized study plan tailored to address each student's learning gapsBenefits for Teachers;Access to teaching resources to boost Math scores on MAPTools for differentiated instruction by creating & assigning individualized math assessments & practice for each studentDetailed analytical standards-based reports to pinpoint each student's strengths & weaknessesEdSearch to build resource kits with math problems, videos & more within minutesBenefits for Parents;Performance reports to monitor student's learning progressionMath lessons & hundreds of Math practice resources to support student's skills masteryConvenient access to all resources & reports through the StepUp mobile appSmart Test Prep Methodology

Lumos tedBook ensures success on MAP tests through the Lumos Smart Test Prep Methodology. With over a decade of experience in developing practice resources for standardized test, Lumos Learning has created a dynamic system to help students succeed on the state assessments. Lumos Smart Test Prep methodology offers students realistic Missouri Assessment Program assessment rehearsal & the tools to overcome each proficiency gap.

After a student completes the online practice test, a personalized study plan is generated. Students can use this study plan to practice lessons in the printed workbook to overcome their proficiency gaps. This methodology saves test preparation time and offers empathetic remedial support to help each student succeed.

8th Grade Math Workbook for MAP Also offers;Complete Grade 8 Math standards practice under each domain;The Number SystemExpressions & EquationsFunctionsGeometryStatistics & ProbabilityMath lessons with answer keys & explanationsAccess to online learning resources for each standardStrategies to improve speed & accuracy on the test

Give your student the Lumos tedBook advantage today!

Missouri Assessment Program or MAP is the student assessment conducted by Missouri State Department of Education, which is not affiliated with Lumos Learning. Missouri Department of Education have not endorsed the contents of this book.

* The online access provided through this book purchase is limited to what is shown in this listing and may not include full access to the StepUp Program.

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