Harmonious Hearts 2014 - Stories from the Young Author Challenge

Harmonious Hearts 2014 - Stories from the Young Author Challenge


Celebrate with Harmony Ink Press as we recognize the talented winners of our first annual Young Author Challenge. This anthology showcases the LGBTQ genre's best up-and-coming-authors between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one. The transition from childhood to adulthood is never easy, and growing up presents unique challenges for LGBTQ youth. Confusion, bigotry, and struggle transcend time and place, but fortunately, so does love. Travel with these exceptional young authors from country cottages to big cities, into the past and the future, from fantastic lands of magic to the recognizable landscapes of our world. Regardless of the setting, the characters in these stories, along with families, friends, lovers, and allies, fight to claim their places in life. Their identities and situations are different, but the young people in this collection share the strength and courage to succeed, sometimes against great odds, and they invite you to join them on their journeys. Cigar, Parasol, Star by Laura BeairdCounting Stars by L.A. BuchananThe King of Dorkdom by Avery BurrowHappy Endings Take Work by Morgan CairTess by Becca EhlersOur First Anniversary by Trisha HarringtonThe Dragon Princess by Eleanor HawtinAn IRL Love Life by Rebecca LongOn Their Own Terms by D. William PfiferGlitterhead by Benjamin Shepherd QuiƱonesCity Lights Will Carry You Home by Amanda ReedThe Gift of Flame by Scotia RothWaiting by Annie SchoonoverQuiet Love by Gil SegevParanormal Honor Society by Leigh Taylor

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