Human to Human Selling : How to Sell Real and Lasting Value in an Increasingly Digital and Fast-Paced World

Human to Human Selling : How to Sell Real and Lasting Value in an Increasingly Digital and Fast-Paced World


In our increasingly digitized and fast-paced world, human relationships are often strained-sales relationships even more so. Today's buyers are better informed, more sophisticated, and more transactional. As a result, sales professionals must navigate new challenges as they seek to develop meaningful relationships with these sometimes elusive buyers.

In Human To Human Selling, sales strategist Adrian Davis details how sales professionals and the people who manage them can increase sales performance while developing strategic relationships with their customers. Bringing sales professionals out of the Industrial Age adversarial model of sales into the "Age of Business Reformation," Human To Human Selling presents a step-by-step process for building symbiotic relationships with buyers-connections that are both mutually rewarding and emotionally fulfilling and lead to the "right-fit" customer. Human To Human Selling

-Provides a fresh perspective on sales and customer relationship management

-Bridges the gap between sales techniques and corporate strategy, enabling salespeople to sell higher

-Provides practical techniques for strategic selling

The results will speak for themselves: sales professionals that are a strategic asset to their buyers as well as their employers.

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