The Logic of Evangelism

The Logic of Evangelism


The publication of William J. Abraham's The Logic of Evangelism in 1989 marked a turning point in the field and practice of evangelism. Almost thirty years later the book still provokes discussion as it stimulates both theorists and practitioners to comprehend evangelism as initiation into God's reign. Combining theological insight and historical analysis, Abraham's groundbreaking work remains the primary text to set the stage for how evangelism may be conceived. In these timely essays written by both theologians and church leaders, The Logic of Evangelism Revisited takes a critical and yet appreciative look into the ways Abraham's work still speaks to the church in today's world. The authors, coming from a wide array of backgrounds, show how The Logic of Evangelism remains a key text into the twenty-first century. ""The publication of William Abraham's The Logic of Evangelism in 1989 was a major turning point in the theology and practice of evangelism. Now a distinguished array of writers have come together in The Logic of Evangelism Revisited to creatively engage Abraham's work and its continuing relevance for the 21st century . . . It is essential reading for all who desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ, renew the church, and enable persons to enter the kingdom of God."" --Henry H. Knight III, Saint Paul School of Theology ""The publication of William Abraham's The Logic of Evangelism in 1989 prompted a global and seismic shift in the scholarly study of evangelism . . . Three decades later, this collection of essays provides a worthy companion and follow-up to Abraham's work, affording us the opportunity to look back and assess its impact while also looking forward to future implications and next steps still to be taken."" --Bryan Stone, Boston University School of Theology ""With the publication of The Logic of Evangelism, William Abraham offered a forthright, nuanced, provocative, and gently Wesleyan text that argued for the serious study of evangelism . . . The Logic of Evangelism Revisited guides readers through the rich and multifaceted content of Abraham's original work and brings it into conversation with the latest scholarship from a variety of fields and contexts . . . This text will provide the next generation a helpful companion as they read Abraham's text in the 21st century and continue the scholarly conversation about evangelism."" --Mark R. Teasdale, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary ""This compiled volume is a thoughtful and perceptive tribute to the remarkable impact of William J. Abraham's The Logic of Evangelism on the thirtieth anniversary of its publication. The contributors map and navigate a complicated terrain with insight and expertise demonstrating the continued significance of Abraham's role in understanding and practicing evangelism."" --Laceye Warner, Duke University Divinity School Michael J. Gehring is Senior Pastor of Main Street United Methodist Church in Kernersville, North Carolina, and Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology at Hood Theological Seminary. He is the author of As the Broken White Lines Become One and The Oxbridge Evangelist: Motivations, Practices, and Legacy of C.S. Lewis. Andrew D. Kinsey is Senior Pastor of Grace United Methodist Church in Franklin, Indiana and Adjunct Professor of Ministry at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio and in the Lantz Center for Christian Vocations at the University of Indianapolis. He is the editor of Notes from a Wayward Son: A Miscellany and the Wipf & Stock Wesleyan Doctrine Series. Vaughn W. Baker serves the Senior Pastor of Silver Creek United Methodist Church in Azle, Texas, and is the author of Evangelism and the Openness of God. He has given lectures on open theism and missiology.

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