The Lost Art of Handwriting : Rediscover the Beauty and Power of Penmanship

The Lost Art of Handwriting : Rediscover the Beauty and Power of Penmanship


Revisit the lost art of writing with these fun prompts, worksheets, exercises-and more!-and experience the many benefits of writing by hand, including increased focus and memory, relaxation, and creative expression.

Writing by hand may seem passe in the digital age, but it shouldn't be dismissed as simply an activity for grade schoolers-it offers countless benefits that have been studied by researchers, brain neurologists, therapists, educators, and others who are invested in helping handwriting thrive in an age of advancing technology. Handwriting may be slower than typing-but this gives your brain more time to process information, and stimulates neurological connections that aid in memory, focus, and composition. The process of handwriting can also have a soothing, calming effect and can even serve as a great form of meditation. And of course, it's a great way of expressing your individuality and personal style.

The Lost Art of Handwriting explores the history of writing longhand, and reintroduces proper stroke sequences, letter forms, and techniques for evaluating and improving your handwriting. You will discover how the amazing variety of letter forms provide endless opportunities for making these alphabets your own, and how to choose alternatives that fit your preferences while keeping your writing neat, consistent, and unique to you. You'll learn how to connect letters in cursive writing to help you write more smoothly, and with practice, more efficiently. Learn how easy it is to apply what you've learned into your everyday life with tips for integrating handwriting practice into already jam-packed schedules.

Soon, you'll notice a steady increase in the relaxation, value, and joy that handwriting offers to everyone who persists in putting the pen or pencil to paper.

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