Family Comfort Favorites

Family Comfort Favorites


"Family Comfort Favorites" is a compilation of recipes that Kim Warren is excited to share. Some of these dishes evoke the wonderful memories of family dinners and gatherings as a child. Some of these recipes could be classified as antiques as they are more than 100 years old, while others are Kim’s newly developed dishes that quickly became traditions in her family. These meals are unpretentious and almost always served with the family gathered passing bowls and platters around the table. Even though Kim’s roots are mostly Italian and many of her recipes have a strong Italian influence, there are also dishes that are of Asian and European influence, and of course home style All-American. Some of these dishes include Chicken Parmesan, Scallops in White Wine and Butter Sauce, Roasted Corn Chowder, Shish Kebabs, and the ultimate in comfort food: Home Style Macaroni and Cheese. Each recipe in this beautiful book is not only captured with a large photograph of how it looks when prepared, but also with small pictures that show key steps in the preparation along the way. This makes it simple for the reader to prepare the dishes just like Kim does.  Family is the most important thing to Kim. Bringing her family together for a healthy comforting meal while creating fond memories was the inspiration behind creating "Family Comfort Favorites." Making these dishes will bring families to the table to create their own family memories.

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