Pope John Paul II Speaks on Women

Pope John Paul II Speaks on Women


John Paul II (1978-2005) was the first pope to speak extensively on the challenges of the historic changes of the situation of women in modernity and postmodernity. He addressed matters such as the inherent dignity of women; aspirations for personal fulfillment including achievement and economic success outside the home; the roles pertaining to marriage, family and children; and the vital contributions of women in the life of the church. He offered a profoundly personalist vision that united contemporary concerns with ancient faith, in a way that can advance discourse within and beyond the Catholic church.

In Pope John Paul II Speaks on Women, Brooke Williams Deely presents a comprehensive record of John Paul II's reflections. This collection brings to the forefront the full context and content of his original contributions. Since John Paul II encouraged women and men to expand what he has adumbrated, this book facilitates ongoing dialogue. The principle of the organization of the volume is chronological, compilingJohn Paul II's teachings on the subject of women arranged by date over the entire term of his Papacy. Since this influential Pope addressed the situation of women from the beginning of his pontificate, this overview of his writings and his spoken addresses best showcases the development and historical context of his thought.

This distinctive book, in a handy assembling of encyclicals, Apostolic letters, and public remarks, should be attractive to readers of diverse perspectives and disciplines. Whether in the fields of women's studies, history, philosophy, psychology, or theology (especially for theologians and seminarians interested in his Mariology, theology of the body, and philosophical anthropology), this collection is ideal for classroom use. It is also readily suitable for the general public and for people who want to deepen their appreciation of John Paul II as a person, saint, thinker, cultural critic, and world leader.

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